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The Law Firm provides, in particular, services the following areas:

• Establishment and transformation of companies
• Assisting the functioning of corporate bodies
• Representation at negotiations
• Operations related to initial capital
• Financing of business activities
• Assisting in investment projects
• Tax issues
• Public trading in securities, capital market transactions
• Management of liabilities (collection of enforcement)
• Representation in court and administrative proceedings
• Labor law (labour relations)
• Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring processes
• Transactions related to debt trading
• Due diligence audits
• Handling competition law issues
• Tenders and offers, public procurement

Depending on the needs and requirements of our Clients, our lawyers are constantly or regularly present at a Client’s seat or at any other location indicated by the Client (for example at a location of negotiation talks). It is also a practice that we are constantly on request of our Clients and work on the basis of particular commissions. Our services are highly individualized and adjusted, in each case, to the requirements of our Clients and the specificity of a given case.

We provide services in the following sectors:*

• Electronic media
• Leasing companies
• Retail companies
• Publication and information distribution
• Transportation
• Financial and accountancy audit, freelancers
• Power industry/engineering
• Banking nad financial institutions
• Transfer of goods
• Property management
• Fuel and chemical industry
• Pharmaceuticals

*) List of Clients on request

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