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Criminal liability of entities
Starting with the end of November 2003, the law dated on October 28th, 2002, regarding the responsibility and liability of entities for the wrongdoing under the threat of penalty, entered into life. The above mentioned law was amended again in 2005. Since then, not only natural persons but also corporate subjects will be subject to criminal liability. It embraces all entities regardless their organizational form. Therefore, some important questions emerge:

• Under what circumstances an entity may be subject to criminal liability?
• What are the reasons for such liability?
• What deeds an entity may be liable for?
• Does this liability exist only when a member of the management (e.g. a member of the government bodies) has committed such offence, or also when it has been committed by employees?
• When are we confronted with a company „guilt” that decides about criminal liability?
• Do you know what the obligations of the Management and Supervisory Bodies are to prevent entities’ liability?

New requirements and risks need to be properly addressed and handled.

• What are the applications for the "compliance" programmes, which are to prevent a company from holding criminal liability?
• What are these programmes composed of? How should the company be structurally organized and what procedural tools should it have in order to minimize the risk of criminal liability?
• Do you realize that a company may not only be liable for the wrongdoings of its employees, but also of its suppliers, partners, contractors and other entities co-operating with the company? Do you know that there exists a system of legal instruments protecting against such liability?

Taking the above into consideration, we kindly invite you to take part in:


during which we will discuss the above mentioned topics and questions as well as other issues related to the new law enforcement, which are critical for the company management.

The information meeting will be held on the dates agreed with the participants of the meeting or with the Clients in the seat office of our Legal Firm, in the patio of EEC building, 59a Ogrodowa Street in Warsaw.

The meeting will be conducted by our lawyers and other experts.

The clients of our law firm pay no admission fee.

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